Westinghouse Hardware Latin America & Caribbean

About us?

Westinghouse Hardware Latin America & Caribbean is a company focused on the development, distribution and commercialization of Westinghouse products in the Latin American and Caribbean region.

Westinghouse Hardware Latin America & Caribbean offers a complete line of Westinghouse products in many categories including, power tools, weed cutters, water pumps, vacuum cleaners, presure washers, generators, water heaters, and barbecues, among others.  We are part of the Westinghouse International family, a company that offers the world quality products, always striving to innovate and make the experience of our customers more pleasant.

Our strategic position in the Colon Free Zone, Republic of Panama, makes us an excellent option to provide availability of Westinghouse products. Feel free to browse through our different product categories and have one of our customer service advisers available to answer any questions you may have.

First Westinghouse logo design

In 1960 Paul Rand designed the Westinghouse logo.

Westinghouse Heritage

Since 1886, Westinghouse has brought the best to life. You can see it in the products we make. The power we create. The people we help. Today, our legacy lives on with technology that is transforming the human experience.

Our Promise
Westinghouse is built upon a tradition of dependability and innovation. Today, we strive to make everyday life a little better by offering a wide range of quality products and services you can trust.

Our Values
The code of conduct that governs this company and our employees, and our commitment to our customers, is what allows our companies to continue to grow and develop within the community and in the business world.

Our Principles

  • Honesty
  • Respect
  • Civilism
  • Integrity
  • Ethics
  • Legality
  • Reliability
  • Responsibility
  • Quality
  • Impartiality
  • Loyalty

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