Let's grow together

Our primary objective is to help your business grow, through our diverse range of services. We have collaborated with more than 200 companies in the region, offering our experience in bringing business to the future.

Advantages of working with us
  • Since 1985 we help our clients' businesses grow.
  • If it is the first time that you import products, we will assist you to make it a smooth experience.
  • Competitive prices and brands that meet high quality standards, offering a wide range of products.
  • Support in designing marketing strategy that will help you increase your profits.
  • Most of our products are available in minimum quantities.
  • A sales network that will be dedicated to providing quality care.

Factory Direct Orders - Ex Works Program
In Westinghouse Hardware Latin America & Caribbean we offer you the opportunity to take advantage of our network of contacts and long business relationship with our suppliers, to make direct factory orders. They will have access to better prices, subject to meeting the minimum quantities per order.

Personalized Attention
Our sales network will provide personalized and quality service; identifying strategies to carry out your business and taking advantage of your relationship with Westinghouse Hardware Latin America & Caribbean.

We offer our advice to implement the display of our products in their gondolas by category with specialized planograms organized according to the sales turnover of each product. Take advantage of the great benefits offered by our digital gondola assembly program.

They are mobile shelves that contain a certain amount of products and their main function is to improve the presentation of products and brands. In Westinghouse Hardware Latin America & Caribbean we have several models of mobile displays. Mobile exhibitors also benefit to create spaces to display products and increase sales.

Graphic Design
Our design department can provide creative solutions to more efficiently promote Westinghouse Hardware Latin America & Caribbean products. Custom catalogs, brochures, flyers, POP material and a wide variety of banners in different sizes, to decorate and achieve a more dynamic display in your commercial premises.

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